Sonisphere 2014: The festival I wish I was attending

Oh, man.  When all the usual UK summer festivals started announcing their line-ups last year, Sonisphere wasn’t even a consideration.  As much as I appreciate Iron Maiden and Metallica as institutions of metal, I wasn’t all that bothered about seeing them headline a festival, and the rest of the line-up, whilst good, wasn’t massively inspiring.

But tonight’s announcements are making me regret that decision.

Band Of Skulls are playing on the Friday, which makes me sad ’cause that band is pretty damn awesome and I’m gonna miss them.  I’d also kill to see Gallows, and Chiodos and The Bronx look like they put on a pretty good show.

Those new announcements, added to already announced The Prodigy, Frank Turner, Reel Big Fish and Limp Bizkit make Sonisphere a real competitor in this year’s festival line-up.

Looks like whilst I was deciding whether to go for Leeds or Download (Leeds won, by the way) Sonisphere sneaked up behind me and hit me round the face with a killer line-up.  Damn.

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