Review: Thunder Apparel

I had the immense pleasure of making another order from Thunder Apparel on Wednesday the 18th after my first purchase from them went so well, and once again I have not been disappointed.

I ordered their THNDR tank top, as well as a sticker pack, and they slid through my door on the morning of the 20th – nice and speedy shipping always makes me happy.

The majority of the sticker pack has made their home on my pin-board, alongside my concert tickets, stickers from other brands and business cards.  The stickers I have left over will probably customise my laptop, once I get round to buying a case for it.

Pin-board containing a number of branded stickers, concert tickets and business cards.
I think the ‘wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep’ sticker is my favourite. What’s yours?

The vest top itself is lovely.  The material is soft but feels high quality, and the printed design doesn’t feel like it’s gonna fade any time soon.  It fits really well on me too, which is a major plus.  The Thunder Apparel ticket stitched into the hem is also a nice feature.

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Once again there was no invoice included in my order, which struck me as odd – if I’d needed to return any part of my order that could have ended up being problematic.  In this case, it’s definitely fortunate that I can trust Thunder Apparel’s sizing chart and the quality of their clothing.

I honestly cannot recommend Thunder Apparel enough – plus, they’ve just released their Summer 2014 collection, which I absolutely adore!  Make sure you check out their store ASAP.

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