Supporting local businesses in Sleaford: Seventh Heaven Beauty Spa

During my little trip into Sleaford town centre the other day – which I wrote about here – I also went into Seventh Heaven Beauty Spa, also located in the Bristol Arcade.

It’s a lovely little shop, and as soon as I walked in I was hit by the scent of a fragrant mix of perfumes and gorgeous bath bombs.  Seventh Heaven is a one-stop shop for gifts – if you were shopping for a lady and didn’t find something they would like in there I’d be very surprised.

They don’t have a website, however their Facebook page is updated fairly often if you want to get in contact with the shop.

I’ve been looking for a new handbag for a long time, as the handle was starting to tear from my current bag.  I needed a high quality bag, but one large enough to carry all of my university-related paraphernalia.  Literally as soon as I walked in the door of Seventh Heaven, I fell in love with this bag by HT Fashion.  I do mean that, by the way – the bright green colour caught my eye through the shop window.

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This bag is such high quality, and I was happy to spend £24.99 on it because it’s real leather, meaning it should last a long time.  And I want it to last as well – it’s such a gorgeous bag, I can see myself using it a heck of a lot in future.

If bright green isn’t the colour for you, there was a huge selection of satchels in similar designs with a wide range of colours and patterns available.

Satchels are a wardrobe essential right about now, and it was really satisfying finding great quality bags right on my doorstep and supporting another independent retailer in Sleaford.  I’ll definitely be visiting Seventh Heaven again soon!

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