Review: Shaded Apparel

So, ever since I followed Shaded Apparel on Twitter I’ve had my eye on their tie-dye vests – tie-dye is really fashionable right now, and my wardrobe could use a little bit of a colour injection.

I ordered two vests on June 21st and expected them to arrive on the fourth of July, the maximum of their estimated shipping time of 7-10 working days.  However, they did not arrive until July 10th.  I understand why their shipping times are fairly lengthy, as each shirt is made to order, but 15 working days seemed a little excessive to me.  Maybe if they pre-made some of their most popular shirt designs that’d make their system more efficient.

However, when my vests did arrive, I was extremely happy with them.

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The patterns on the vests don’t quite match up with the photos on the Shaded website, which just proves that each vest was made to order.  It makes me happy knowing I have some bespoke shirts in my wardrobe.

Also, something I notice with a lot of independent brands is that their shirts often come with their logo written in large letters on the front.  I understand that this is important to raise brand recognition, but these vests are completely clean of branding and that also makes the vests feel more individual.

At £15 each the price of these vests is reasonable, considering each one is hand-dyed to order.  If shipping times were a little speedier, Shaded Apparel would have received a perfect score from me.

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