Leeds Festival round-up: Friday 22 August

I got back from my weekend in Leeds this afternoon, and I had a brilliant time!  Instead of my usual Monday and Thursday timetable, I will be posting three blogs this week rounding up each day of the festival with photos and reviews.

Friday was a fairly busy day, as I saw eight acts in total, and apart from a little bit of rain during Papa Roach’s set the weather was dry, if a little chilly.  Due to traffic I missed out on seeing Young Guns, which I was really sad about as I’ve been looking forward to seeing those guys live for a long time.  I didn’t get photographs of every act I saw, but here are the ones I managed to snap.

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P A P A R O A C H ★★★★☆

Papa Roach had an awesome stage presence, and Jacoby’s live vocals were excellent.  You could really tell that the band have been together for over 20 years – their live show was well polished and great fun to watch and listen to.

C L E A N B A N D I T ★★★☆☆

I know these guys are a little different to the music I normally write about here, but their latest album is full of feel-good summer tracks, and their live performance was a lot of fun.

N E C K D E E P ★★★☆☆

I didn’t get into Neck Deep’s performance as much as I could have done, as previous to the festival I’d never listened to their music.  However, I thought their act was well-rehearsed and you could tell that they enjoyed being on stage.  I would definitely give their music a listen.

A D A Y T O R E M E M B E R ★★★★☆

As soon as the introduction to 2nd Sucks started to play, I knew A Day To Remember would be one of my highlights of the festival.  Jeremy’s vocals could have used a little work, but overall it was an excellent performance.

Y O U M E A T S I X ★★★★☆

You Me At Six’s performance was a lot of fun, and great to sing along to.  Josh really knew how to work the crowd and get everybody involved.

K L A X O N S ★★★★☆

I found it a little strange that this act played the Radio 1 Dance Stage, as I don’t really think they were suited to that stage.  However, they made the most of it and put on a really good show.

L E T L I V E . ★★★☆☆

As with Neck Deep, I had never listened to Letlive. before seeing them live, but their lead vocalist Jason was an awesome performer and he kept the entire crowd entertained.  I’ll also be giving their music a listen on the strength of their live performance.

B L I N K – 1 8 2 ★★★★☆

Both Mark and Tom’s vocals left a little to be desired, but their on-stage banter was hilarious and they played a great range of their greatest hits and less well known album tracks.

That’s it for my round-up of Friday – check back soon for my review of the bands I saw on Saturday!

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