Top 10 tracks you need on your party playlist

You know how it is, your friends have just invited themselves over to your house to pre-drink before heading off on a night out, or you’re hosting a party for a housemate’s birthday, and you need to come up with the perfect playlist to get your guests in the mood for going out to dance (and drink) the night away.

If you’re heading off to a metal bar or a nightclub which cycles alternative, rock and punk on its playlist, here are my Top 10 songs which will get you ready to rock out – but not too hard, or you might spill your drink.

10: When The Sun Goes Down – Arctic Monkeys

This track never fails to be a crowd pleaser, and even your one friend who isn’t much of a rock/metal/alternative fan will be tapping their foot along to this track.

9: Bury My Bones – Pure Love

Frank’s strong vocals are always great at stirring up passion in people, and who doesn’t love a nice ‘yeah-yeah-yeah’ to sing along to?

8: Planetary (GO!) – My Chemical Romance

This track is one of MCR’s more upbeat songs, and it really packs a punch.  Perfect for getting hyped up before going out to a club.

7: Last Night – Good Charlotte

I think the lyrics of this track explain why it deserves to be on this playlist perfectly.

6: Fat Lip – Sum 41

Fat lip is a song most people associate with their childhood and teenage years, so it’s great for stirring up nostalgic feelings and getting everyone to sing along.

5: Blame It – Of Mice & Men

This cover is a guilty pleasure of mine – no matter what you think of it, you can’t deny that it’s great at getting people in the party mood.

4: Higher And Higher – The Blackout (featuring Hyro Da Hero)

A chorus with words that are easy to remember even after having a couple of drinks – check.  A bangin’ rap verse – check.  What else do you need to get a party started?

3: Just A Day – Feeder

Another nostalgic number here, and one which some of your guests may not even realise they know until the chorus kicks in.

2: All My Life – Foo Fighters

What kind of playlist would this be without a contribution from the gods of rock ‘n’ roll?  Whilst not their biggest commercial success, All My Life is one of the Foo’s most well known tracks, and for good reason too.  A winner all round.

1: Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) – Woe, Is Me

I have to make sure I only listen to this song if I’m getting ready to go out, because if not I get myself hyped up to party only to snap back to reality and remember I’m on the bus to my 10am lecture.

So, that’s my Top 10 list of going out tracks – what do you think?  If you agree with my choices or think there’s an obvious track I missed, let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

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Top 10 collar tips: my new favourite accessory

One of my favourite pass-times is rooting through men’s clothing shops to find styles, cuts and accessories that you wouldn’t find in the women’s section.  Last time I visited Topman, as well as picking up my new favourite checked shirt, I also purchased some collar tips.

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At £7.50 the tips were a little pricey, however considering how often I wear them out, I think they were good value for money.

Collar tips are a nice alternative to wearing a necklace if you’re wearing a collared shirt or blouse – dress them up with a chiffon blouse, or wear them casually with a denim shirt.

Here are my top 10 favourite collar tips available at the moment.  Once my student loan comes in, I will seriously be considering picking up a couple of pairs of these.

  1. Triple spike collar tips via Ebay
  2. Little devil collar tips via Etsy
  3. Dark grey chain collar tips via New Look
  4. Deer collar tips via Ebay
  5. Reclaimed eagle collar tips via ASOS
  6. Dancing couple collar tips via Etsy
  7. Cross drop collar tips via Topman
  8. Angel wing collar tips via Ebay
  9. Mountain collar tips via Etsy
  10. Western collar tips via Topman

What do you think of my choices?  Let me know on Twitter or in the comments!

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Review: Southlakes / Ceilings Split EP

Here’s another review I wrote for Scene Better Days – take a look and let me know what you think in the comments or on Twitter. :)

Scene Better Days

On first listen to this split EP by Ceilings and Southlakes, I had trouble distinguishing between the two artists. Admittedly it makes sense for them to release a split, considering their similarities, but neither band left a major impression on me.

Ceilings were up first, and I was immediately underwhelmed by them. Whilst their shouty vocals help to demonstrate their passion for the music, I found the lyrics difficult to interpret. Maybe this style of vocals just isn’t for me, but I scrabbled around trying to put a positive spin on them, and I just couldn’t.

The drumming in both tracks is really interesting, especially ‘I’m having the best day of my life…’ – it adds a nice twist to what could have been two fairly generic emo songs.

However, I think the drumming was the most inspired element of these tracks: the guitars were pretty repetitive, and whilst…

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altrocklife’s Top 10 freshers dos and don’ts

Can you believe it’s that time of year again?  For anyone who has or is attending university, freshers week always stirs up plenty of nostalgia: from memories of doing your first supermarket shop unattended to possibly the worst series of hangovers you will ever have the misfortune to experience.

As a second year student, I like to think I have some useful tips for this year’s incoming freshers – some of these may sound a little Bournemouth-centric, as that’s where I study, but most should be applicable wherever your university is situated.

DO – go to as many events as possible

You don’t want to be that person with hardly any friends because you stayed in your room playing video games during the freshers celebrations.  Even if you’re not a social butterfly, try to aim for at least a couple of friends on your course to make group projects and collecting missed notes easier, and a few drinking buddies for when you find yourself wanting company on a Friday night.

DON’T – overdo it

I know, I know – you’re a fresher, and you feel like you’re invincible.  However, there are only so many Jägerbombs one person can take before you start feeling like death and stop wanting to leave your halls at all.  Plus, nobody likes that guy who gets wasted and starts vomiting outside of clubs before midnight, so avoid that at all costs.  You’ve got an entire week (or longer!) of partying ahead, so no need to go OTT on the first night.

DO – go out with your housemates 

My biggest regret from freshers was only going out with my housemates once.  We didn’t bond very well, so the rest of the year was filled with awkwardness and I could go days without speaking to any of my housemates.  Whether you host pre-drinks at your place, go clubbing together or just grab a meal and a pint at your local pub, make sure you spend a lot of time together – you could create some of your fondest freshers memories.

DON’T – force yourself to spend time with people you don’t get along with

Unfortunately, whenever you meet new people there will always be a select few that you immediately decide that you don’t like, for whatever reason.  There is hope, though: because you’re going to meet so many people during freshers, it should be easy to avoid people you’re not into.  If you have a lot of mutual friends with them, just stay civil and try to avoid drunken bar fights.

DO – join clubs/societies to meet people with similar interests

Fun fact: I didn’t know many people on my course – that is, until I went to a Baking Society meet-up and discovered some of my friends there had two of the same interests as me – food and journalism.  Wearing your favourite band t-shirt on a night out or playing Pokemon in the library might get you a few approving nods, but if you want to find people who like the same things as you, join as many societies as you can.  Even if you’re too busy to attend meet-ups, most will have a Facebook group so you can still interact with other members.

DON’T – spend too much of your student loan

Once that massive deposit of money hits your bank account, it can be all too tempting to splash the cash on a new laptop, a shopping spree, or drinks in the most expensive nightclub in town.  I’m not saying you need to watch every penny – just remember that the money you get in September has got to pay for your rent, food, books, travel, nights out and more until January.

DO – eat real food

Speaking from experience, surviving on microwave meals, toast and 3am kebabs is no way to live.  You’ll start feeling lethargic and tired all the time, plus your hair and skin will suffer and hangovers will feel even worse.  Even if you just eat a piece of fruit with your breakfast or choose veg instead of chips as a side dish when you’re eating out, try and get as many vitamins and nutrients in your body as possible.

DON’T – go out too many times in a row

Freshers events are always packed into a fairly short length of time, meaning once you’ve bought tickets for all the events you’re interested in you could end up going out three or four nights in a row.  It can be tempting to say ‘screw the rules’ and go out every night from Wednesday to Saturday, but what this does is accumulate each night’s drinking into the ultimate Super Hangover on Sunday morning.  If you still want to go to every event, be smart: leave early on the quietest nights, and drink fairly moderately to reduce the Super Hangover’s effects.

DO – take loads of photos

As annoying as the song #SELFIE is, it has a good message – with all the drinking you’re likely to be doing, photos could be the only way you remember who you spent your night with, especially if you met with people you didn’t originally plan on seeing.  Getting people to tag their friends in your photos is also a great way of accumulating Facebook friends and Instagram followers – bonus!

DON’T – feel pressured to drink

As hypocritical as this might sound considering the past nine pieces of advice, if you’re still feeling delicate from the night before or simply have no interest in drinking alcohol, don’t force yourself to drink just to impress your new friends.  Newsflash: everybody is out to impress everyone else, and it’s not just you trying to make new friends.  Your university should have organised plenty of alcohol-free activities during the day to give yourself – and your liver – a break.

What do you think of my advice?  Is there anything obvious I missed?  Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

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#OOTD: 08/09/14

So, summer is gradually melting away into autumn (not that you’d know it here in Bournemouth – it was 24 Celsius today, whaaaat?) which means cooler days, less sun and chilly breezes.  This outfit is a great transition outfit – a thick chunky-knit cardigan works really well with checked shirts, and if cardigans aren’t a sign that autumn is coming, what is?

The shirt adds some colour to the outfit, and the rich blue, forest green and deep red are great colours for this season.

Turned-up jeans add a summery feel, but the light grey denim is good for reminding us that there should still be a bit more sun to come this year.

Combined with chunky-heeled ankle boots, which are great protection from light showers and puddles, you shouldn’t need any more layers to keep you toasty all day long.

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Cardigan: Store 21
Shirt: Topman
Jeans, Boots: New Look

What do you think of this outfit?  How would you wear it differently? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

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Review: City of Angels

Check out the review I wrote for Scene Better Days!

Scene Better Days

When I first listened to Los Angeles rockers Warner Drive‘s latest album, City Of Angels, I found myself tapping my foot along to their playful rock ‘n’ roll sound.

As soon as I heard the first lines of album opener Rising From The Fallen, vocalist Jonny Law’s voice reminded me of The Offspring’s Dexter Holland. His voice is clean yet grungy, and well suited to the genre. The song Boys ‘N Girls is especially Offspring-esque.

City Of Angels brings the skills of drummer Jonny Udell to the forefront and makes his playing the focus of each song, which gives the album an edge compared to others of this genre. In that respect it reminds me a little of Paramore’s Riot!, or Avenged Sevenfold’s Nightmare.

There are some awesome guitar solos throughout the album, which really showcase the talent of Warner Drive‘s two guitarists, although I would have liked…

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