Review: Run

Here’s my review of I, The Lion’s next EP, over at Scene Better Days.

Scene Better Days

After a couple of years touring the UK, I, The Lion have returned to the studio to put together their latest EP. The first single, ‘Hold Strong’, was a triumphant return to the post-punk scene and is a great indicator of things to come for the Cheltenham trio.

Stylistically, the track reminds me of Young Guns’ debut album Bones, which is definitely a positive, and this theme runs throughout the EP.

The vocals leave a little to be desired, and they would definitely benefit from being a little more melodic, however they do carry the instruments well and they definitely grew on me as I listened further.

‘Icarus’ is definitely the jewel in the crown on this EP, featuring staccato guitar, upbeat drums and a slower-paced verse from about 2:20 onwards which creates an interesting change of pace.

In fact, the lead guitar throughout the EP is really interesting, and…

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Review: It’s In The Streets

Here’s my latest review over at Scene Better Days, make sure you give it a read!

Scene Better Days

When a new band arrives on the scene including two of the founding members of the illustrious Yellowcard, you know their first full-length offering is going to be strong. Made up of Longineu Parsons (aka LP) and Ben Harper as well as LA punk rockers Chris Castillo and Steven Neufield, This Legend are set to be a force to be reckoned with.

This Legend’s debut LP, It’s In The Streets, starts with a bang thanks to intricate drumming during the intro of ‘Lyrics With My Pen’ – it would have been easy to fall into the trap of repetitive punk rock percussion, so this track was a refreshing start to the album.

Strong vocals compete well with punk rock riffs, and on the surface it certainly seems that It’s In The Streets has all the ingredients of an excellent punk rock album. It’s cohesive, but there are enough unique…

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Review: Symptoms

Take a look at my latest review over on Scene Better Days!

Scene Better Days

Having heard very little about The Lion And The Wolf – aka solo artist Thomas George – until very recently, I had no idea what to expect when I pressed play on his first full-length album Symptoms. What I felt was a wave of relief wash over me. If you are looking for an album to chill out to, and you enjoy listening to The Vaccines, Tom Odell or Of Monsters And Men, you should definitely put this album on your Christmas list.

Even just a few tracks in, it is obvious that The Lion And The Wolf has carved out his own signature sound, and Symptoms is definitely a solid effort for a debut full length. Having recently finished a European tour, and with over 100 live shows under his belt, it is obvious that Thomas is a hard worker, and his efforts have really paid off.

Lyrically, the…

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Christmas hiatus announcement

Hi all!  Apologies for missing my scheduled post yesterday, but the next two weeks for me will be chockablock with uni work and deadlines.

That’s why I’ve decided to put my blog on a holiday hiatus.  If all goes well I’ll post my next entry in the new year on Thursday January 8th.

See you all then, and enjoy the festive season.