Review: Run

Here’s my review of I, The Lion’s next EP, over at Scene Better Days.

Scene Better Days

After a couple of years touring the UK, I, The Lion have returned to the studio to put together their latest EP. The first single, ‘Hold Strong’, was a triumphant return to the post-punk scene and is a great indicator of things to come for the Cheltenham trio.

Stylistically, the track reminds me of Young Guns’ debut album Bones, which is definitely a positive, and this theme runs throughout the EP.

The vocals leave a little to be desired, and they would definitely benefit from being a little more melodic, however they do carry the instruments well and they definitely grew on me as I listened further.

‘Icarus’ is definitely the jewel in the crown on this EP, featuring staccato guitar, upbeat drums and a slower-paced verse from about 2:20 onwards which creates an interesting change of pace.

In fact, the lead guitar throughout the EP is really interesting, and…

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