90s suburban mom: the fashion trend that NEEDS to die

Now, I’m not entirely sure what this trend is actually called.  I have no idea why it has come back into fashion after over a decade.  But what I’m most confused about is who looked at vintage pictures of moms from the 90s and decided “yes, this is my aesthetic”?

I’m a pretty open minded person when it comes to fashion and I find myself appreciating most trends, even if I wouldn’t wear them myself.  But honestly, where are the positives of the ’90s suburban mom’ look?

First off, there are the jeans so baggy and ill-fitting it doesn’t matter what kind of figure you have underneath.  You just know that all of these models have fantastic figures: not that you can tell in these denim disasters.

Mom jeans

Then, there are the kinds of patterns and prints even my Mum wouldn’t have touched back in the 70s.  Honestly, what is with some of these shirts?  They’re utterly hideous.

Clashing patterns

Also, what the hell is up with the concept of cropped jumpers?  I know these aren’t strictly confined to the ’90s suburban mom’ trend, but honestly, they’re a fashion contradiction: keeping warm must be difficult if your jumper ends above your belly-button.  Some of the jumpers below would actually be really nice, IF they weren’t cropped.

Cropped jumpers

So, there you have it.  I’m well aware that I may have made a few enemies by dismissing this trend, but I’ve never before disliked a trend as much as I do the ’90s suburban mom’.

What do you think?  Do you, too, think this trend needs to die?  Or are you a die-hard lover of mom jeans?  Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

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