So far in 2015: the year of band break-ups

If you’ve been keeping up with alternative music news, you’ll know that so far, 2015 has been full of band members leaving or getting kicked out.

The controversy all started on January 22.  Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop quit the band to focus on his new project, We Are Harlot.

This break-up seemed pretty amicable, with little mud being slung.  A new vocalist has replaced Danny, but their identity will remain secret for now.  In future Asking Alexandria have plans to tour extensively across North America and the European festival circuit.

Following that, on January 26, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker announced Tom Delonge had left blink-182.  His aim may be to pursue solo music projects, including his band Angels And Airwaves.

This led to a bit of confusion, with Delonge writing on Instagram that he hadn’t left the band.

This was swiftly followed by another interview with Hoppus and Barker/  They slammed Delonge’s attitude and dished some serious dirt about their 2004 hiatus.  Talk about messy.

The band had originally planned to enter the studio on January 5 to start working on their next album.  However, this date has been and gone, so the prospect of new music from blink-182 does not seem likely at the moment.  Loyal fans will be keeping their fingers crossed, though!

Then, on February 9, Bullet For My Valentine bassist Jay James announced his exit from the band, which he has been a member of since 2003.  This split appears amicable, but with rumours of disagreements about what direction their fifth album should take, it’s possible that this fuelled his departure.

2015 hasn’t been a promising start for alternative music fans, has it?  Maybe it’s because of the lingering “new year, new me” sentiments left over from New Year’s Day.  Let’s hope that these departures lead to bigger and better things for everyone involved.

That’s all for today, and just so you all know, I won’t be posting my usual update on Monday as I’ll be at an Enter Shikari gig!  I’ll be posting my gig review on Tuesday instead – see you then!

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