Review: Smoke + Mirrors

As you may remember from my review of Imagine Dragons’ performance at Leeds Festival, I am a massive fan of the Las Vegas four-piece, so I was extremely excited when news of a new album began to circulate.

Smoke + Mirrors is the band’s second full-length studio album, and their gamble at self-producing definitely paid off.  After just one listen to the album’s first single, I Bet My Life, it became obvious to me that Imagine Dragons are becoming an unstoppable force in the music industry.

Their full-length debut had more electronic roots, with songs like the immensely popular Radioactive influenced by electronic rock and dubstep.

Smoke + Mirrors is obviously, from the first listen, far more rock ‘n’ roll than their previous offering, with more guitars and more authentic-sounding drums throughout.  If their last album was too pop or electronic for you, then this latest effort should be more up your street.  Check out I’m So Sorry, one of the heavier tracks on the album.

Whilst the band have obviously matured after months of touring in 2014, writing their latest album along the way, Smoke + Mirrors is still unapologetically Imagine Dragons.  This band demonstrate effortlessly that it is possible for a band to mature between albums and remain easily recognisable.

In the same vein as Night Visions, Smoke + Mirrors is a pretty hefty album, weighing in at almost an hour long.  And that’s not even including additional tracks on the deluxe version!  Say what you want about Imagine Dragons, but you can’t deny that their albums are consistently packed full of fantastic tunes, and well worth the money.

To conclude, if you loved Night Visions, then Smoke + Mirrors is a must-buy album for 2015.  If their debut album wasn’t your cup of tea, at least give it a listen, and you might find yourself nodding your head to the heavier tracks.

Highlights: Gold, I’m So Sorry, Polaroid, Friction