Verses The World – Homesick/Roadsick

Take a look at my latest Scene Better Days post. This time it’s a review of Versus The World’s latest record.

Scene Better Days

Even though I had never heard of Versus The World before their latest album dropped into my inbox, the title Homesick/Roadsick told me it was likely to be a punk rock record. As it turns out, my hunch was correct.

Every punk rock fan will be familiar with the whole homesick vs road sick paradigm. It’s a topic that has already been well covered – or some may say overdone. If you’re in the mood where you want to listen to an angsty vocalist singing about how much they hate their washed up hometown but really miss the family and friends and left behind, Homesick/Roadsick is a prime candidate.

The first three tracks of this 11-song LP are stand out, and a really promising start to the album. I love the riff-heavy triple guitar intro to ‘Black Ocean’ – Versus The World’s third record definitely benefits from its three…

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