#OOTD: 23/07/15

Hey altrocklifers! First of all I owe you an apology for not being able to post an update on Monday or last Thursday. I had a fair few technical difficulties, being limited to my phone and only able to access patchy WiFi at my resort in Spain. Fear no more, though, as I have returned, and on my birthday no less!

Today I had a delicious slice of cake for breakfast, as is traditional on Boyden birthdays, and later tonight I’ll be off for a meal at my favourite local Indian restaurant.  And this is the outfit I’ll be wearing:

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Top, jeans: Primark
Shirt: Topman
Sandals: Shoezone

The gold chain details on the top mean that I don’t have to accessorise with necklaces, which makes this outfit very no-fuss.  Plus, the gold details on the sandals match up with the top, and help to lift and brighten the more autumnal colours of the top and shirt.

This outfit is fairly casual, which makes it suitable for a meal out but a little too informal for a night out or drinks at a club.  To dress this look up a little more, I’d swap the sandals for black wedge heels and the jeans for a skater skirt, with the top tucked in.

What do you think of this outfit?  Let me know on Facebook or Twitter.

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