Review: Nature Sounds

Take a look at my review of Nature Channel’s debut.

Scene Better Days

Before I start this review, I’d like to give major props to Nature Channel, who have managed to put out a full-length record in just over a year after their formation in Brighton. That’s no mean feat!

The album in question, titled Nature Sounds, opens with a bang. ‘Chet Baker’ sets the scene for a great punk rock record, full of crashing cymbals, aggressive guitars and shredded voices.

The album has a fairly lo-fi sound, which gives it a raw and grungy feel. The record is an unrelenting wall of sound that I honestly can’t get enough of. There’s a lot of focus on the drumming throughout, as well as loads of gang vocals and punchy choruses.

A few more pop-inspired tracks, such as ‘Loose Parts’ and ‘Give Me Happiness’, feature lyrics that could easily belong to a pop rock number – but with added passion. Then there’s ‘Blood…

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