Review: Afraid Of Heights

Following my post featuring Billy Talent’s single Afraid Of Heights on Wednesday, the Ontario rock band have returned with their latest full-length record.  They released the music video for the single last week, which you can watch here:

Afraid Of Heights opens with the bass-y intro to Big Red Gun, before the track transforms and becomes easily recognisable as Billy Talent’s signature sound.  This is despite the band’s regular drummer, Aaron Solowoniuk, going on hiatus from the band due to a flare-up of his MS, and Alexisonfire’s drummer Jordan Hastings stepping in.  The musicians are obviously able to work well together, as the record is very cohesive and well put together.

To me, each track is easily distinguishable from the rest, with strong choruses which go around and around in your head for hours after listening – Louder Than The DJ being a prime example.  Other examples of stand-out tracks are Rabbit Down The Hole, an emotionally charged ballad about losing your loved ones, and fast paced punk number Time Bomb Ticking Away.

If you’re a long time fan of Billy Talent, you certainly won’t be disappointed with their latest record.  Lyrically Afraid Of Heights is more politically charged and makes a bigger statement than any of their previous efforts, and it’s obvious to me that the band have found a winning formula and decided to stick with it, for the most part.  Of course their sound has improved over the years, and their punk rock style has become slightly more polished, but tracks throughout their entire discography are easily recognised as theirs.  In my opinion, Billy Talent have a good thing going here, and it would be a shame to change their style too drastically now.

Highlights: Afraid Of Heights, Ghost Ship Of Cannibal Rats, Rabbit Down The Hole, February Winds


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