Lifestyle: My Pokémon GO playlist

Before I get started on this blog post, I’m well aware that I’m very late jumping on the Pokémon GO bandwagon.  Unfortunately until very recently my phone storage was completely full, and until I bought a new SD card the other day I just didn’t have the space to download the app.  Thankfully, now I have the app and my days have been filled with Pokémon hunting, egg hatching and plenty of Pokéstop visits.

I’m sure there are still a couple of people on the planet who don’t know anything about the app, so here’s a quick run down: Pokémon GO is a phone app inspired by the Nintendo-owned Japanese franchise, Pokémon, which involves our heroes Ash, Misty and Brock travelling the world to hunt superpowered creatures.  In the case of the app, you play as a Pokémon trainer who walks around your local area, hunting wild Pokémon using GPS to track them down.  You can visit Pokéstops (which, in my town, are located in churches, community centres, local landmarks and art installations) to stock up on supplies, and battle other trainers at Gyms.  The goal is to power up your Pokémon until they’re strong enough to take over your local Gym and defend it from the other opposing teams.

Whilst I’ve been out and about, wandering around my town and visiting Pokéstops, I’ve found myself listening to the same tracks over and over again.  I thought that today I’d recreate my Pokémon GO playlist on Spotify and share it with you all, obviously beginning with the show’s theme song, so hopefully it will inspire you to go out and get hunting.   The playlist features some classic rock to get you prepared for the long walk ahead, and newer more energetic tracks that will hype you up for battle.

What do you think of my track selection?  Do you have your own Pokémon GO playlist? Let me know on my Facebook or Twitter page, or in the comment section below this post.


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