Review: Vulture Song

Take a look at my latest review over at Scene Better Days, this time of Bear VS Rhino’s most recent EP.

Scene Better Days

Listening to Bear VS Rhino’s latest EP, Vulture Song, was a really interesting audio experience – the record demonstrates a maturity and development from their earlier EPs. However, I am having trouble in working out what the band are trying to say.

‘Beck up, Back up’ is a punchy introduction to the record. I especially like Markus’s guitar playing here, and the instrumental which runs from around three minutes in until the end of the track. I could see myself jamming to that instrumental in the basement of a sweaty bar.

However, the vocals sound warped and distorted, and while the overall results are pretty unique and interesting, I found it difficult to actually understand the lyrics – a theme which carries on throughout the entire EP.

After three tracks I eventually gave up trying to understand the lyrics. Whilst I realise that these kinds of vocals comes part…

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