Review: Afraid Of Heights

Following my post featuring Billy Talent’s single Afraid Of Heights on Wednesday, the Ontario rock band have returned with their latest full-length record.  They released the music video for the single last week, which you can watch here:

Afraid Of Heights opens with the bass-y intro to Big Red Gun, before the track transforms and becomes easily recognisable as Billy Talent’s signature sound.  This is despite the band’s regular drummer, Aaron Solowoniuk, going on hiatus from the band due to a flare-up of his MS, and Alexisonfire’s drummer Jordan Hastings stepping in.  The musicians are obviously able to work well together, as the record is very cohesive and well put together.

To me, each track is easily distinguishable from the rest, with strong choruses which go around and around in your head for hours after listening – Louder Than The DJ being a prime example.  Other examples of stand-out tracks are Rabbit Down The Hole, an emotionally charged ballad about losing your loved ones, and fast paced punk number Time Bomb Ticking Away.

If you’re a long time fan of Billy Talent, you certainly won’t be disappointed with their latest record.  Lyrically Afraid Of Heights is more politically charged and makes a bigger statement than any of their previous efforts, and it’s obvious to me that the band have found a winning formula and decided to stick with it, for the most part.  Of course their sound has improved over the years, and their punk rock style has become slightly more polished, but tracks throughout their entire discography are easily recognised as theirs.  In my opinion, Billy Talent have a good thing going here, and it would be a shame to change their style too drastically now.

Highlights: Afraid Of Heights, Ghost Ship Of Cannibal Rats, Rabbit Down The Hole, February Winds


8 incredible tracks you need in your life – July 2016

This past month has been a big one for new alternative music releases.  Something tells me that this summer will be jam-packed with awesome albums and singles, and the recent releases by Biffy Clyro and blink-182 were a great start to this month. Today I decided to run through the best tracks released recently.

Of Mice & Men – Pain

Of Mice & Men’s last album, Restoring Force, received mixed reviews because long term fans felt like the band had sold out and become more mainstream.  Pain is a very obvious return to their more hardcore roots, with fewer clean vocals and more aggressive guitars.  The band have big plans for the rest of the year, with a new record out in September and a UK/EU tour across September and October.

A Day To Remember – Bullfight

Following the first two singles from their upcoming record, Bullfight is the latest single from A Day To Remember.  This track seems to fall somewhere in between the punk-rock Paranoia and the more hardcore Bad Vibrations, which shows that their next record will be anything but predictable.  The band have pushed their album release back from August to September 2nd, which is a little disappointing, but hopefully the final package will be worth the additional wait.

Pierce The Veil – Circles

Pierce The Veil’s latest record Misadventures has been out since May, and Circles is the latest single to be released, along with a video featuring a stay in a house-of-horrors style hotel.  For me this track was one of the strongest on the record, so I’m pleased the band chose to release it.

Die Antwoord – Banana Brain

Fans of Die Antwoord know that this bunch are doing whatever the hell they want, creating record after record of experimental alternative electronic music.  Their latest track is the lead single for their upcoming September release, Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid.

With Confidence – Voldemort

Pop punk newbies and recent additions to the Hopeless Records roster With Confidence released their debut full-length record last month.  This latest track, Voldemort, is a true pop punk track which shows that there’s plenty of new blood entering the genre and keeping things fresh.  Plus, who doesn’t like a cheeky Harry Potter reference?

CHVRCHES ft. Hayley Williams – Bury It

I wouldn’t normally share CHVRCHES on this blog, seeing as they’re a electronic/pop group, however because their latest track Bury It features the lovely Hayley Williams I thought I’d make an exception just this once.  This is a super summery upbeat track – a must for barbecue and garden party playlists!

Neck Deep ft. Mark Hoppus – December (again)

Neck Deep have now released a grand total of four versions of their track December, this time featuring Mark Hoppus of blink-182. Some may say that four versions of one track is excessive, and to be honest I kind of agree with that viewpoint, but each version brings something different to the song, so it could be worse!

Billy Talent – Afraid Of Heights

Billy Talent have released the official music video for Afraid Of Heights just two days before their upcoming record of the same name is due to be released. I’ll be reviewing the album in full on Sunday, but for now, enjoy this single and its sci-fi video.

What do you think of these tracks? Are there any singles I missed off this list? Let me know on my Facebook or Twitter page, or in the comment section below this post.