altrocklife album haul: 06/06/16

Hey altrocklifers and welcome to my blog’s triumphant return! Over the past nine months I’ve essentially been a hermit due to the final year of my university course keeping me extremely busy, so unfortunately updating this blog had fallen by the wayside. But fear not! Now I’ve finished university I’ve got a lot more free time, so altrocklife is being revived.  From now on the blog will focus much more on music news and reviews rather than fashion and lifestyle posts, and after today I’ll be changing my upload schedule, from Mondays and Thursdays to Wednesdays and Sundays.

So, what better way to kick things off than with a review of my recent musical purchases?

Gallows – Desolation Sounds

Ever since Frank Carter of The Rattlesnakes fame left the band in 2011, Gallows seem to have dropped off the radar a bit; their 2012 self-titled album as well as Desolation Sounds didn’t get much attention. However, I think the album is dark and raw, and I absolutely love it. I bought it a couple of months ago and I’ve been listening to it pretty regularly since then.

Wolf Alice – My Love Is Cool

If I’m ever in the mood for more indie guitar-led tracks, Wolf Alice’s first LP is my album of choice. My Love Is Cool has a great mix of chilled, acoustic tracks and more upbeat ones.

PVRIS – White Noise

I know I’m super behind the times here: White Noise has been out since 2014 and I only picked it up last month. Of course I already knew and loved the singles St. Patrick, My House and Fire so buying this album was definitely a safe bet.  If you’re after strong female vocals and synthy rock, this is the album for you.

Band Of Skulls – By Default

Band Of Skulls are one of my favourite bands, and to be honest I didn’t even realise they had a new album coming out until I spotted it on the shelves of HMV the other week.  It’s absolutely fantastic and definitely their best album yet.

Foals – What Went Down

Foals’ latest album is heavier than their previous efforts, and I’m a big fan of the slight shift.  Singles What Went Down and Mountain At My Gates are brilliant tracks, and two of my favourites on the album.

Pierce The Veil – Misadventures

Following the success of Collide With The Sky, Pierce The Veil had big boots to fill with the follow-up album. Misadventures is pretty fantastic, but I’m not sure if it tops their previous 2012 album yet.  I’ll be giving it a few more listens before I make my decision.

Now on to a couple of albums I picked up today and haven’t had the chance to listen to yet.

Nothing But Thieves – Nothing But Thieves

If you followed my blog last year and kept up with my ‘incredible tracks you need in your life’ series, you’ll remember that I featured Nothing But Thieves multiple times throughout those posts.  I’m a massive fan of this band, especially vocalist Conor’s fantastic voice, so I’m certain I’ll love the album. Itch was one of my favourite songs of 2015, which definitely bodes well.

Panic! At The Disco – Death Of A Bachelor

Whilst I was a big fan of Panic’s first album, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, I stopped actively following the band not long after its release and the rest of their albums seemed to pass me by. However, The Emperor’s New Clothes and Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time caught my attention and I decided I needed to hear the rest of the album.

Lonely The Brave – Things Will Matter

I saw Lonely The Brave supporting Deaf Havana in December 2014, and they absolutely blew me away.  I haven’t got round to listening to their previous album yet, but I heard Rattlesnakes and Black Mire from the new LP and I really enjoyed both tracks. I can’t wait to get my teeth into Things Will Matter.

So that’s my summary of my recent album purchases. Are you a fan of any of these albums? What records are you looking forward to this year? Let me know on Facebook or Twitter.


Inactivity apology and scheduling announcement

Hey altrocklifers! As I’m sure you can tell, the blog has been inactive for the past couple of weeks. This is because I visited home for two weeks before my third year of university gets started.

Unfortunately, this has led me to realise that I will not be able to sustain my previous blogging schedule of one update every Monday and Thursday any more.  Instead I will be updating when I have free time and if something of interest has happened in the music or fashion world.  For example, if an album I’m interested in is released, or I attend a gig, I’ll update.

I’d like to extend my apologies to you, my faithful altrocklife readers, and I hope to be less busy and updating as much as I used to very soon.

Thanks, and see you soon!

Exam hiatus announcement

Hey altrocklifers! As everyone in education will know, we are officially in exam season.  I have five exams coming up in the next few weeks, and I need to hunker down and revise!  Therefore I’ll be putting altrocklife on hiatus from today until 8 June, where I’ll be back with a review of Young Guns’ next album, Ones And Zeroes.  

Never fear though, as I’ll still be active on Facebook or Twitter, sharing some of the latest alternative music and fashion news, and revisiting some of my past posts.

See you on the other side, readers!

Christmas hiatus announcement

Hi all!  Apologies for missing my scheduled post yesterday, but the next two weeks for me will be chockablock with uni work and deadlines.

That’s why I’ve decided to put my blog on a holiday hiatus.  If all goes well I’ll post my next entry in the new year on Thursday January 8th.

See you all then, and enjoy the festive season.

Hiatus announcement!

Hi all!  Just a quick announcement to let you know that I will be on holiday from today until August 10 – unfortunately for you guys I’ll be far too busy sunbathing and eating calamari to update my blog, so you’ll just have to try and hang on without me until I get back.

I’m hoping to come back with a 14-day style diary, so look out for that once I’m home.

See you soon!

-Katie (altrocklife)