Double denim: the trend built to last

Double denim was first popularised in the 90s.  How could anyone forget this iconic Britney and Justin look?  It’s so iconic, people have been dressing up as them for Halloween ever since.

Not surprisingly, the popularity of denim died down a little after this – that is, until the autumn/winter season of 2014 rolled around.  I have found that there are a couple of rules that have to be followed when attempting the double denim look.

First, make sure the different denim pieces are different colours.  It’s much easier to get away with double denim if you’re pairing a blue shirt with black jeans, as demonstrated by yours truly.

Outfit of the day: denim shirt, wave-pattered t-shirt, black skinny jeans and a black Drop Dead beanieSecondly, layering is key.  If you want to go full-on 90s, chuck a sleeveless denim jacket over the top of a plaid shirt and Nirvana t-shirt.  Or, if you’re wearing a denim shirt and jeans, break it up with a chunky belt, block-colour handbag or statement coat.

Third, don’t put more than one denim layer on top of each other.  A denim jacket over a denim shirt is a complete no-go.

Like I said, this trend first emerged last year, but I can still see it being popular right up until the summer months.  Spring is usually an opportunity to start wearing some of the less bulky items in your wardrobe which makes it the perfect time to start wearing denim shirts again.  Plus, let’s be honest, denim is timeless.  As long as you follow my three essential tips, you’ll never make a denim-related fashion faux pas again.

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#OOTD: 22/3/14

You know how it is: you’re scrolling down your twitter feed having the time of your life, and all of a sudden you look at the time to see your bus leaves in 20 minutes.

That, unfortunately, was me this morning, so all I could manage to do was chuck on the first clothes I saw before I left the house.  Thankfully, it all turned out rather well.

A photograph of my outfit.
I am so working the double denim.

This particular outfit has a lot of memories for me, as most of the pieces were bought on my holiday on the California coast and in New York in July/August 2013.

The vest was bought at Club Tattoo, a tattoo parlour (hence the name) and clothing/accessories store on Pier 39 in San Francisco.  Even eight months later the design is still in great condition, and the fit is super flattering for my body type.

A photograph of my purse.
Please, bow down and appreciate the beauty of this purse.

I also bought this gorgeous purse/clutch bag there too, and is to date the most amount of money I’ve ever spent on one item of clothing or accessory at $45, or roughly £30.

The denim shirt I also bought in America, this time at Times Square’s branch of Forever 21.  I love this for its red checked shoulders, which add a bit more colour and coordinates nicely with the red of the vest.

This was also a pretty good value purchase, however it wasn’t until I tried on the shirt at home that I realised one sleeve is slightly tighter than the other for some reason.  So, not massively pleased with the quality of the piece, but the shirt’s still lasted well and I liked it enough not to bother returning it.

The shorts are a staple of my wardrobe; bought at New Look a good few years ago, they’re high waisted and still such a great fit.

A close-up photo of a pocketwatch necklace.
Damnit, I can’t think of any time-related puns.

Here’s a close-up of my necklace, an ornate pocket watch on a bronze chain I bought last year in a random gift shop.  It was fairly pricey – £20 – but I absolutely love it, and it goes with pretty much every outfit in my wardrobe.

It also ties in nicely, colour-wise, with the brown lace-up boots I wore with the outfit.  I never put batteries in the watch, though.  Maybe that’s why I’m late to lectures so often.

This outfit is a favourite because of the colour coordination.  Whilst I can appreciate outfits that clash, I don’t feel comfortable unless my entire outfit ties in nicely together.

I’m also really liking the double denim which, if pulled off well, is definitely a popular choice right now.

(And obviously I pulled it off well.  Duh guys.)

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