Top 10 collar tips: my new favourite accessory

One of my favourite pass-times is rooting through men’s clothing shops to find styles, cuts and accessories that you wouldn’t find in the women’s section.  Last time I visited Topman, as well as picking up my new favourite checked shirt, I also purchased some collar tips.

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At £7.50 the tips were a little pricey, however considering how often I wear them out, I think they were good value for money.

Collar tips are a nice alternative to wearing a necklace if you’re wearing a collared shirt or blouse – dress them up with a chiffon blouse, or wear them casually with a denim shirt.

Here are my top 10 favourite collar tips available at the moment.  Once my student loan comes in, I will seriously be considering picking up a couple of pairs of these.

  1. Triple spike collar tips via Ebay
  2. Little devil collar tips via Etsy
  3. Dark grey chain collar tips via New Look
  4. Deer collar tips via Ebay
  5. Reclaimed eagle collar tips via ASOS
  6. Dancing couple collar tips via Etsy
  7. Cross drop collar tips via Topman
  8. Angel wing collar tips via Ebay
  9. Mountain collar tips via Etsy
  10. Western collar tips via Topman

What do you think of my choices?  Let me know on Twitter or in the comments!

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