Vintage shopping in Lincoln’s The Strait

The other weekend I visited the lovely city of Lincoln with hopes to have a rummage around in its eclectic mix of vintage and independent clothing shops.  I’ve lived near Lincoln for about eight years now, however up until recently I’ve never explored any further than the department stores on its busy high street – something I sorely regret now.

Visiting independent stores is a great way to pick up some interesting items with a reasonable price tag – plus, it’s a lot less likely you’ll run into someone wearing the same clothes, which is always a bonus.  A few months ago a friend told me she went into New Look and spotted multiple shirts and dresses she’s seen me wear, which inspired me to start this blog and begin buying from independent brands.

Unfortunately I didn’t spot any clothes I wanted to buy this time around, however I did spot some amazing Doc Martens and checked shirts in Yak – I’ll be picking up some Docs when I have a little more disposable income, and when the weather warms up I’ll be buying some new checked shirts to add to my collection.

I also saw a lovely chiffon floral blouse in the Ruby Red Boutique – however, my collection of floral chiffon blouses is already pretty extensive, so as much as I loved it I had to give it a miss.  Sigh.

I didn’t leave Lincoln empty-handed though – I made a couple of purchases in Ego, a lovely vintage shop with a nice selection of dresses and jewellery.

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Even though I fell in love with one of the dresses in Ego, they unfortunately didn’t have it in my size, so I decided to make myself feel better buy purchasing two new necklaces.  Jewellery is one of my weaknesses, after all.

At £20 for both necklaces they were a little pricey; however, I feel like their individuality and quirkiness makes them worth the money.  They’re on strong chains which means they’re unlikely to break, and the charms themselves are pretty weighty and high quality metal.  Plus, who wouldn’t want a miniature teapot necklace?  I was charmed as soon as I walked into the shop.

I definitely cannot wait to head back to The Strait – if you guys have ever been shopping in Lincoln, where would you advise I check out next?  Let me know in the comments or send me a recommendation over Twitter!

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Supporting local businesses in Sleaford: Seventh Heaven Beauty Spa

During my little trip into Sleaford town centre the other day – which I wrote about here – I also went into Seventh Heaven Beauty Spa, also located in the Bristol Arcade.

It’s a lovely little shop, and as soon as I walked in I was hit by the scent of a fragrant mix of perfumes and gorgeous bath bombs.  Seventh Heaven is a one-stop shop for gifts – if you were shopping for a lady and didn’t find something they would like in there I’d be very surprised.

They don’t have a website, however their Facebook page is updated fairly often if you want to get in contact with the shop.

I’ve been looking for a new handbag for a long time, as the handle was starting to tear from my current bag.  I needed a high quality bag, but one large enough to carry all of my university-related paraphernalia.  Literally as soon as I walked in the door of Seventh Heaven, I fell in love with this bag by HT Fashion.  I do mean that, by the way – the bright green colour caught my eye through the shop window.

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This bag is such high quality, and I was happy to spend £24.99 on it because it’s real leather, meaning it should last a long time.  And I want it to last as well – it’s such a gorgeous bag, I can see myself using it a heck of a lot in future.

If bright green isn’t the colour for you, there was a huge selection of satchels in similar designs with a wide range of colours and patterns available.

Satchels are a wardrobe essential right about now, and it was really satisfying finding great quality bags right on my doorstep and supporting another independent retailer in Sleaford.  I’ll definitely be visiting Seventh Heaven again soon!

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Supporting local businesses in Sleaford: Katezart Designs, Crafts and Gifts

Now, anyone who has followed my blog for any length of time will know how much I love to support independent retailers and clothing brands – they’re such a great way to buy high-quality clothes that you won’t find on the hangers of every department store, as well as individual homeware and other accessories.

Since I returned to the little town of Sleaford for my summer break from uni earlier in the week (hence the silence on this blog – the last couple of weeks have been ridiculously hectic), I figured I should make the most of the independent retailers on my doorstep and go exploring in town.

First of all I went to Katezart Designs, Crafts and Gifts, located in the Bristol Arcade in the centre of town.  The store doesn’t just contain Katezart’s products – there are also a number of other small independent retailers who sell their wares in store on an individually hired shelf-by-shelf basis.

The atmosphere is really lovely, and honestly I could have walked out of there with an empty bank account and half of the stock of the store.  However I settled for purchasing a set of four drinks coasters with an awesome retro comic book design.

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The design is great quality, and they feel like they will last for a long time.  Plus, at only a fiver for four coasters, they were a bit of a bargain too!  Their website is a little bit outdated, so check out their Facebook page for up-to-date photos and information about what’s in stock at the moment.  I especially love their collection of scarves, as well as their clutch bags and purses made out of old reclaimed vinyl.

I find it so satisfying, purchasing from independent retailers and knowing that my money goes directly towards keeping the business alive.  I would always recommend buying locally if at all possible.  If you’re ever in Sleaford or the surrounding areas, I suggest you take a look in Katezart’s store for yourself!

In a few days time I’ll be writing about the other independent shops I visited in little old Sleaford, so keep an eye out for that.  Until then, TTFN!

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