Vintage shopping in Lincoln’s The Strait

The other weekend I visited the lovely city of Lincoln with hopes to have a rummage around in its eclectic mix of vintage and independent clothing shops.  I’ve lived near Lincoln for about eight years now, however up until recently I’ve never explored any further than the department stores on its busy high street – something I sorely regret now.

Visiting independent stores is a great way to pick up some interesting items with a reasonable price tag – plus, it’s a lot less likely you’ll run into someone wearing the same clothes, which is always a bonus.  A few months ago a friend told me she went into New Look and spotted multiple shirts and dresses she’s seen me wear, which inspired me to start this blog and begin buying from independent brands.

Unfortunately I didn’t spot any clothes I wanted to buy this time around, however I did spot some amazing Doc Martens and checked shirts in Yak – I’ll be picking up some Docs when I have a little more disposable income, and when the weather warms up I’ll be buying some new checked shirts to add to my collection.

I also saw a lovely chiffon floral blouse in the Ruby Red Boutique – however, my collection of floral chiffon blouses is already pretty extensive, so as much as I loved it I had to give it a miss.  Sigh.

I didn’t leave Lincoln empty-handed though – I made a couple of purchases in Ego, a lovely vintage shop with a nice selection of dresses and jewellery.

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Even though I fell in love with one of the dresses in Ego, they unfortunately didn’t have it in my size, so I decided to make myself feel better buy purchasing two new necklaces.  Jewellery is one of my weaknesses, after all.

At £20 for both necklaces they were a little pricey; however, I feel like their individuality and quirkiness makes them worth the money.  They’re on strong chains which means they’re unlikely to break, and the charms themselves are pretty weighty and high quality metal.  Plus, who wouldn’t want a miniature teapot necklace?  I was charmed as soon as I walked into the shop.

I definitely cannot wait to head back to The Strait – if you guys have ever been shopping in Lincoln, where would you advise I check out next?  Let me know in the comments or send me a recommendation over Twitter!

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#OOTD: 25/3/14

Today, I paid homage to my primary school uniform with this cute shirt, jumper and skirt combo.  I couldn’t just leave it at that, though:  playground-chic is so last year.

A self-taken photograph of my outfit.
If there was a school for punk rock, I’d be so there.

As a fan of the Hard Rock franchise this jumper is one of my favourites, and has  memories of chowing down on a chicken club sandwich at their cafe on Pier 39 in San Francisco.

But it’s a little plain and I’m not a big fan of crew necks, so I decided to add a little texture with a white chiffon blouse and multi-chain necklace, both from New Look.

I finished off the look with a simple black skater skirt from Select.  At only £8 it was a steal, as well as a wardrobe essential.  I mean come on, who doesn’t need a black skirt in their lives?

To grunge this look up a little, why not add a leather-look skirt, checked pleats, or a statement collar to make things more interesting.

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