News: The Lion And The Wolf announces second album ‘The Cardiac Hotel’ and new label

If you’re a long term altrocklife reader, then you’ll know that I’ve been a big fan of The Lion And The Wolf AKA singer-songwriter-guitarist Thomas George for quite a while.  My love affair started when I reviewed his first full-length record, Symptoms, for Scene Better Days, and the musician has only improved from there.  He’s played dozens of live shows in the UK and Europe, both in support of PJ Bond and his own headline gigs.  Basically, I think he’s a real talent, and I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground, ready to report back on any news from him.

Imagine my delight when yesterday The Lion And The Wolf made not one, but TWO announcements!  First off, the musician has now been signed to a new label, Xtra Mile Recordings.  Like myself, the record label were impressed with George’s DIY outlook and drive to produce his debut record, and have now decided that this is the time to add him to their roster.

Not only that, but The Cardiac Hotel, George’s second full length record, will be released on October 2nd through Xtra Mile Recordings and Grand Hotel van Cleef. During the announcement on his Facebook page, The Lion And The Wolf said:

The idea that both of these labels are behind me and believe in The Lion and the Wolf makes my heart swell with pride and sets my weathered soul alight.

This latest record was heavily inspired by his father, who unfortunately has been the victim of illness over the past couple of years.  Such emotional and heartfelt subject matter is standard fare for The Lion And The Wolf, who describes his genre as “crushing melancholy”.  The first single from the upcoming record is entitled Find The Time, and was inspired by repeated hospital visits where the outcome is uncertain.  You can listen to the track below:

What did you think of The Lion And The Wolf’s latest single? Are you looking forward to The Cardiac Hotel?  Let me know on my Facebook or Twitter page, or in the comment section below this post.


News: The Lion And The Wolf to release new single ‘My Father’s Eyes’

Here on altrocklife, as well as over on Scene Better Days, I’ve written quite a lot about Thomas George, aka singer-songwriter The Lion And The Wolf.  I reviewed his debut LP Symptoms last November, plus in July I reported that he was heading on tour with PJ Bond.

Now, The Lion And The Wolf is set to release a brand new single, My Father’s Eyes – a tribute to George’s father who had a heart attack and survived last year.  Due out on October 2, the single is released on 7” storm grey hand numbered vinyl and limited to 250 copies. Each record comes with a personalised thank you note and access to four exclusive bonus recordings.

The B-side is Bar Stools, another track which highlights The Lion and the Wolf’s new approach of recording full band.

Speaking of the release, George said: “I am so overwhelmingly happy with the way that these tracks have come together.  It was an amazing experience to go into the studio and record the music live with the band – you can feel the grooves and movement in the recordings and I get a real kick from that.

“I think this single really documents the direction that ‘The Lion and the Wolf’ is moving in and acts as a bridge between ‘Symptoms’ and the second record.”

Both songs were tracked live at Auckland House, which is the same studio where Symptoms was brought to life – nothing wrong with returning to tried and tested methods!

The single can be pre-ordered on TLATW’s bandcamp page.  His next live date in the UK is on September 2 with fellow singer-songwriter Northcote at London’s Old Blue Last.

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News: The Lion and The Wolf joins PJ Bond on tour

Last November, over on Scene Better Days, I reviewed the first full length album by The Lion And The Wolf, Symptoms.  I really enjoyed that album, and ever since I’ve been waiting to hear more from the artist, real name Thomas George.

I was therefore very pleased to hear that Isle of Wight based The Lion And The Wolf is hitting the road in the UK and EU this summer, in support of American singer/songwriter PJ Bond.

Now, I know that The Lion And The Wolf is less heavy than the bands I usually talk about here on altrocklife, but every so often it’s nice to kick back and relax with some chilled acoustic music.

Speaking of the tour, George said: “I am thrilled to be heading out on a two week tour of our fair isle with the excellent PJ Bond.  These will be my last UK shows for quite a while as I begin the final stages of recording my second record.”

To make the most of The Lion And The Wolf’s last live shows for a while, check out the rest of the dates on the tour below:

  • 3/7 – Blissfields Festival, Winchester
  • 4/7 – House Show, Southampton
  • 5/7 – The Sanctuary, Basingstoke
  • 6/7 – JT Soar, Nottingham
  • 7/7 – Brew Dog, Leeds
  • 9/7 – Gwdihw, Cardiff
  • 10/7 – 2,000 Trees Festival
  • 11/7 – 1 in 12 Club, Bradford
  • 12/7 – Banshee Labrynth, Edinburgh
  • 13/7 – Nerd Hutch, Newcastle
  • 14/7 – Star and Garter, Manchester
  • 15/7 – 80 Days Bier Haus, Hull
  • 16/7 – The Guilded Quill, Lincoln
  • 17/7 – The Quadrant, Brighton
  • 19/7 – Veg Bar, London

What do you think of The Lion And The Wolf and PJ Bond?  Let me know on Facebook or Twitter.

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Review: Symptoms

Take a look at my latest review over on Scene Better Days!

Scene Better Days

Having heard very little about The Lion And The Wolf – aka solo artist Thomas George – until very recently, I had no idea what to expect when I pressed play on his first full-length album Symptoms. What I felt was a wave of relief wash over me. If you are looking for an album to chill out to, and you enjoy listening to The Vaccines, Tom Odell or Of Monsters And Men, you should definitely put this album on your Christmas list.

Even just a few tracks in, it is obvious that The Lion And The Wolf has carved out his own signature sound, and Symptoms is definitely a solid effort for a debut full length. Having recently finished a European tour, and with over 100 live shows under his belt, it is obvious that Thomas is a hard worker, and his efforts have really paid off.

Lyrically, the…

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