#OOTD: 14/7/2014

A few days ago I went on a little bit of an online shopping spree with the hopes of filling up my blog with plenty of new outfit of the day posts – any excuse to do some more clothes shopping, eh?  One item I desperately needed was a new pair of jeans, as after donating my old, ill-fitting jeans to my local charity shop I realised I only had one pair left to wear, and that simply won’t do.

Today my brand new jeans arrived in the post, and I had to put them on and try them out straight away.  For £22.99 from New Look they were great value, and they fit perfectly at the waist and legs, which is a rarity for me.  Plus, acid wash jeans are bang on trend right now, so I’m feeling pretty fashion forward right now.

I combined my lovely new jeans with my Thunder Apparel Tiger Tee, which I reviewed a few weeks ago.  I still love this shirt just as much as I did when I first bought it, plus sublimated garments – which produce an all-over design – are massively popular this season, so I love to take any excuse to wear this shirt.

I also wore my favourite old baseball jacket, which has resided in my wardrobe for three or four years, because it’s light enough to stop me overheating during the summer days, but offers some protection from when the unpredictable weather does its worst.

I would probably finish off this outfit with some gladiator sandals and some aviator sunglasses.  How would you dress up these jeans?  Let me know in the comments or send me a tweet!

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Review: Thunder Apparel

I had the immense pleasure of making another order from Thunder Apparel on Wednesday the 18th after my first purchase from them went so well, and once again I have not been disappointed.

I ordered their THNDR tank top, as well as a sticker pack, and they slid through my door on the morning of the 20th – nice and speedy shipping always makes me happy.

The majority of the sticker pack has made their home on my pin-board, alongside my concert tickets, stickers from other brands and business cards.  The stickers I have left over will probably customise my laptop, once I get round to buying a case for it.

Pin-board containing a number of branded stickers, concert tickets and business cards.
I think the ‘wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep’ sticker is my favourite. What’s yours?

The vest top itself is lovely.  The material is soft but feels high quality, and the printed design doesn’t feel like it’s gonna fade any time soon.  It fits really well on me too, which is a major plus.  The Thunder Apparel ticket stitched into the hem is also a nice feature.

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Once again there was no invoice included in my order, which struck me as odd – if I’d needed to return any part of my order that could have ended up being problematic.  In this case, it’s definitely fortunate that I can trust Thunder Apparel’s sizing chart and the quality of their clothing.

I honestly cannot recommend Thunder Apparel enough – plus, they’ve just released their Summer 2014 collection, which I absolutely adore!  Make sure you check out their store ASAP.

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Review: Thunder Apparel

I wasn’t expecting to be back with another fashion review so quickly, seeing as I’m a poor student and my altrocklife fashion week cost me a significant sum.  However, my family were very generous to me this Easter, and I find it difficult to resist clothes shopping at the best of times, so here we are again.

My brand of choice this time around is Thunder Apparel, an independent brand formed in 2011.  I ordered my Tiger Tee on Easter Sunday and it slid through my letterbox this morning, which I was extremely happy with.  Speedy shipping is what gives me strength.

One thing I noticed that struck me as odd, however, is that my package did not contain an invoice.  I don’t know if this was an error or the general practice of Thunder Apparel, but if I’d wanted to return my t-shirt I probably would have run into difficulties, even though I did get an email confirmation of my order from both the brand and PayPal.

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Anyway, back to the shirt.  The print looks awesome, and the shirt is great quality.  There are a couple of white patches in the print, which I expected due to the style of printing, but they don’t detract from how much I love the shirt.

Plus, the neck hole is a great size for my head!  If you’ve read my previous t-shirt reviews, you’d know that shirts with neck holes that are too small are a major issue for me.

If you’re on Twitter – and frankly, who isn’t – you should definitely check out Thunder Apparel’s Twitter page.  Whoever’s in charge of their account is absolutely lovely, so make sure you say hi.

I would definitely recommend shopping with Thunder Apparel.  I had a really great experience, and I can’t wait to shop with them again.

Want this shirt but don’t know what to wear it with?  Check out my Polyvore for ideas.

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