New Music Spotlight: Tarah Who?

Tarah Who? are a three-piece rock band with undeniable 90s grunge vibes.  Their latest EP, Half Middle Child Syndrome, was put out in June of this year, and it was produced by Jason Orme who is possibly best known for his work with Alanis Morissette.  I caught up with vocalist/guitarist Tarah G. Carpenter (TGC), bass/backing vocalist Matthew Peltcher (MP), and drummer Coralie Hervé (CH) to find out a bit more about this up-and-coming trio.

Tara Who?

What led you down the path of making music? Is there anything or anyone in particular that inspired you to become a musician/band?

TGC: No, not really, I never really thought of it. I just wanted to play the drums, so I started doing it with my friends, then I played the bass with other people, and there I was, playing bass in one band and drums in another band. I was secretly writing songs on the guitar, being too shy at the idea of being a singer-songwriter. When it started happening though, i was just going step after step. I never really thought of it. I was and still am just going one step at a time. It was not planned a choice that I remember making. I was just doing it because I liked it and I still do.
MP:  Looking back, all I ever wanted to do is either listen to or make music.  Deep down I had an incredible fascination with instruments and music in general.  The desire to make music just comes out of you.  I remember the first time I plucked a bass, heard and fell in love with the sound it made, rehearsed with a band and performed in front of an audience because I always had wanted to do those things.
CH: I was doing a lot of sports but I had a problem with my heels and needed to stop. I began music, drums, and never stopped. I’m really happy that my parents and my entourage supported me and help me realise my dream.

How do you feel about your latest release now that it’s out in the open?

TGC: I feel great! I am really happy about it. Those songs are really fun to play live and it’s always nice to see how people react. People seem to love “ACHE” live, but I have heard that “Garden Of Chloé(s)” was people’s favourite online. The performances really bring those songs to life, so if you enjoy listening to the EP you are going to really love our shows.
MP:  We have received a lot of positive feedback from Half Middle Child Syndrome.  The songs fit in remarkably well in our live sets.  The E.P. is definitely “angrier” than previous material but it seems to really get people into the songs.  It’s raw, honest emotion and I think fans appreciate it.

Where did you draw your inspiration from when working on your latest release?

TGC: They are all about different events in my life. All of Tarah Who? songs are about events and people I meet or stories I hear about. “Garden Of Chloé(s)” for instance is in memory of two of my friends named Chloé who both committed suicide. “Sirens” is about the Paris attacks, “Ache” is about the consequences and frustrations of mis-or lack of communication. “Pay to Play” is pretty explicit… and “Little Pieces” is about a bunch of events that happened within a limited time frame, in my life. So many negative events that it almost became ironic.

What do you hope fans and listeners will get out of the EP?

TGC: I hope that fans understand the emotions. Rage, when I was truly pissed off, humour, when I was basically making fun of myself or compassion for the people I or that we have lost. I always feel flattered when people can relate. We all, more or less go through similar situations so we should be able to understand each other and sympathise. We are all the same after all. I hope that people come out to our shows and truly enjoy themselves. We are all about being ourselves and having fun. We like to entertain, so show us your love and it will be reciprocated! We really like people that come out and dance, come out of their shells and dance without caring about who’s watching.

What aspect of your latest release are you most proud of?

TGC: I am really happy to have worked with Jason Orme. It is a big step for me/ us as a band. I am really happy with the result considering the time frame that we had to work with. I am very proud of Matt for totally pulling off and improvising some bass lines.
MP:  Aw! Thanks Tarah! Yes, I feel very honoured to work with Jason as well.  I am very proud of the quality of the recording every time I personally hear someone point it out.  Thank you Jason!!

What was the biggest obstacle you had to tackle whilst working on this EP?

TGC: I would say the time. We were very limited on time, because of two main factors: Jason is a really busy man and musician so we had to fit the time in when we could and also because of money. More studio time means more money that we were pretty limited on.  We had to be really focused from the moment we stepped in to finish.
MP:  I was thinking the same thing…time.  To be honest, it was really the only obstacle.  The experience in the studio was very comfortable, thanks to Jason.

How have you enjoyed touring? Do you have a favourite venue/town or city you like to play?

TGC: Touring is a lot of fun! You meet so many people around the world, different reactions to the songs. Some places people dance and are less shy which is always fun. I love to play in the UK. British people really enjoy our music and are very supportive. They also drink a lot which makes everything always a little more fun ;)
Although Vegas the other day almost killed me with the pour of their drinks! The bartender could have put ice in a bottle of Jameson and a dash of coca cola, it would have been the same thing! But hey! Thanks! We had a great night!
MP: Touring is crazy but super fun.  It’s totally interesting performing in a new place because you never know what to expect.  The receptions are typically warm and people want to know where you are from and what’s up with your band! I love the good vibes, it helps give you that extra energy to give an even more kick ass performance! I can’t wait to tour Europe.
CH: It’s really great. You are in a new town every night and meet some amazing people, doing what you love!! I mean it’s the best, right?!

What can fans expect from you on your next tour?

TGC: We are really excited about our next tour, I think our fans can expect to have a really good time at our shows! Everyone should get to know the songs, so they can all sing or scream-a-long! The craziest you are the craziest we will get on stage. Your energy is contagious, so if you are looking for a good time, come on out! :)
MP:  Intense, raging, raw, loud, screaming, moshing…  We make sure it will be crazy fun.  Yea, we invite you to sing (or scream/yell) along!!
CH: Have a lot of fun and offer, I hope, a great show to people that come to see us.

What is your ultimate goal as a musician/band?

TGC: I really want to be able to take Tarah Who? everywhere in the world. I hope to inspire people to be themselves, and go for what they want in life. I want to be a proof amongst others that you CAN do it, if you believe in yourself and if you really, just dare to live your dreams. I know that a lot of people feel that they are alone, or going through some hard situations in their lives, and I would be really happy if those people listened to Tarah Who?  and felt comfort in our songs. Just like I have found comfort,inspiration or strength, listening to other bands growing up.
MP:  I want people to really enjoy the music Tarah Who? creates and performs.  Music touches everyone in different ways and I believe that is one of the most beautiful things in our world.  I just hope we can “touch” as many people as possible with our music.  As someone who really enjoys music, I would like to give some of that same enjoyment back to everyone I can.
CH: To be able to pursue this path and play a lot more and a long time. Rock’n’Roll!!!

What’s next for Tara Who?

TGC: We have a couple music videos coming up, that we are really excited about. Outside of the gigs that we have until the end of this year, we are working on new songs, and we are hoping to release a new EP that we will promote on our next tour in April 2018.
We are also planning to go play some festivals and shows next summer in Europe. A lot of things are happening, and it is all very exciting! We can’t wait to share all of this with you! Thanks for your support!
MP:  We are about half way through our Southern California tour.  We plan to record new material very soon.  Keep your eyes peeled…we will be releasing some videos before years end.  Next year will be very big. Tours, more music and….Europe!!
CH: We are working on a new album and we gonna be on the road next year to promote it in USA and maybe in Europe after that.

If you like what you see here, make sure to check out the Tarah Who? website for music videos, upcoming tour dates and more.