altrocklife’s best festive band merch 2016

It has officially been winter time for a while now, and everyone is starting to suffer from the cold temperatures.  We’ve all had to dig our winter coats, scarves and jumpers out of the back of the wardrobe, and put away the bikinis and crop tops.  If you’ve found that your winter wardrobe is lacking in size, or you want to demonstrate your festive spirit whilst also repping your favourite bands, this handy guide to the best winter band merchandise is the post for you.

Slipknot’s Holiday Goat Sweater – link here

If you like your festivities to carry slightly satanic undertones, then this jumper is ideal for your holiday break.  The Slipknot logo in the centre makes sure that all of your relatives know you’re a metal fan, whilst the red and green colours keep the festive spirit alive.

AC/DC Holiday Sweater 2016 – link here

Everyone knows that Mistress For Christmas is one of the best festive tracks out there.  Nothing says ‘Christmas spirit’ more than getting down and dirty with someone, so this jumper can help to make your intentions on your favourite co-worker clear at the office Christmas party.

Of Mice & Men Frozen Ampersand Crewneck – link here

If you’re not a fan of Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa or Yule, but still want to dress for the season of wintertime, this frosty jumper could be right for you.

Slayer ‘Sleigher’ Xmas T-shirt – link here

Everyone knows that a Christmas jumper isn’t enough: you need a festive t-shirt to wear underneath, for when the heat of slaving over a hot oven making Christmas dinner gets too much and the knitwear has to go.  This t-shirt is one of the more subtly festive numbers on this list, but it still does the job perfectly.

Don Broco ‘Don Cocoa’ chocolate orange hot chocolate – link here

Now you can’t wear this winter band merch, that is unless you accidentally spill some down your front, but half of the joy of winter is curling up with a delicious hot drink.  Chocolate orange is a favourite flavour in my house, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that this will be in my stocking on the 25th.

Kiss ‘Merry Kissmas’ Christmas Sweater – link here

It’s always a bonus when the band’s name fits into a popular holiday phrase perfectly, and this Kissmas jumper – see what I did there? – is a brilliant example.

Bring Me The Horizon ‘Rain On My Parade’ Onesie – link here

Winter is the time for cold, cold weather, so when you’re hanging around the house and the heating hasn’t quite kicked in yet, this onesie should keep you warm and snug.

So there you go! What do you think of my winter merchandise round-up? Let me know your thoughts on my Facebook or Twitter page, or in the comment section below this post.


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